Employee of the Year Awards


Brought back for 2019 MACD Annual Convention with improvements are the CDEM Employee of the Year Awards! More opportunities to nominate an employee with new classifications.

Technician of the Year

A technician that has shown exemplary service and technical merit

Administrator of the Year

This person is a District Manager, Administrative Assistant, or other administrative position.  A person that goes above and beyond to in their position to better the Conservation District.

Seedling (Aspen) Award

A staff member that has excelled in their first year of service with the Conservation District.

Conservationist (Oak) Award

A staff member that has excelled with a special project or program.

Please submit your nomination with the completed form to Sherry L. Blaszak,, by Tuesday, October 4 at 4:30 pm. Awards will be presented at the opening reception at the MACD Fall Conference.

Service Awards

CDEM provides Service Awards to ALL Conservation District employees at each 5-year employment milestone. Service Awards are presented at the MACD Fall Convention and are accompanied by Service Bucks that can be used for future training opportunities.  

Cheers to your hardwork and dedication to conservation!
Cheers to your hard work and dedication!