​Your CDEM membership allows you to be eligible for up to $300 in scholarship funds! CDEM provides internal scholarships for the MACD Summer Conference, MACD Winter Convention, and external scholarships to attend 'outside' training and conferences.


Scholarship recipients may be asked to share your training with other employees. This can include presenting at future MACD Conferences. 


For those planning on applying: Please plan ahead if at all possible! The committee must have time to review all applications. You MUST be a member in good standing!

Congratulations to Past Recipients! 

  • Grace Locke, Soil Erosion Tech, MACD Summer Conference

  • Adam Chandler, CTAI, MACD Summer Conference

  • Lori Fitzgibbons, Manager, MACD Summer Conference

  • Nadine Berthiaume, Manager, MACD Summer Conference

  • Katie Hafner, CTAI, MACD Summer Conference

  • Kelcie Sweeney, Manager, Outside Training

  • Jason Myers, Wildlife Risk Specialist, Outside Training

  • Nathanael Gentle, TA, MACD Fall Conference

  • Else Desjarlais, CISMA, MACD Fall Conference

  • Maureen Reed, Manager, MACD Fall Conference

  • Rod Denning, Forester, MACD Fall Conference

  • Rebekah Faivor, CTAI, MACD Fall Conference

  • Eric Bak, MAEAP, MACD Fall Conference

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