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Email Directory

2021-2022 Board of Directors


Region 1 - Matt Watkeys, Marquette, matt.matkeys@mi.nacdnet.net

Region 2 - Vacant

Region 3 - Renee Penny, Kalkaska, renee.penny@macd.org

Region 4 - Renee Mallison, Manistee, renee.mallison@macd.org

Region 5 - Brittany VanderWall, Presque Isle, brittany.vanderwall@macd.org

Region 6 - Melissa Townsend, Clare, melissa.townsend@macd.org

Region 7 - Sue Spagnuolo, Eaton, sue.spagnuolo@macd.org

Region 8 - Vacant

Region 9 - Angela Warren, Genesee, angela.warren@macd.org

Region 10 - Michelle Beloskur, Ingham, michelle.beloskur@macd.org

2021-2022 Executive Board


Chair - Melissa Eldridge, Ionia, melissa.eldridge@mi.nacdnet.net

Vice-Chair - Sherry Blaszak*, Missaukee, sherry.blaszak@macd.org 

Secretary - Melissa Higbee, Shiawassee, melissa.higbee@mi.nacdnet.net

Treasurer - Catherine Acerboni*, Monroe, catherine.acerboni@mi.nacdnet.net 

*Indicates they are looking forward to retirement soon and their seat on the board will become vacant. Please consider joining the CDEM leadership team in their place!

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